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We are glad you have visited our web sites. We hope that you will find here at least one offer, which will attract you. All the realty offered by us is situated in very interesting localities. Each of these areas has own specific position. We offer three localities on the whole - Park Portobello, Punta Molara a Coda Cavallo.

Park Portobello
This is a very individualistic place oriented towards the complete privacy of visitors. There is a guard duty with 24-hour service and an absolute hinterland inside the park. One can admire beautiful beaches with a view of Corsica

Park Punta Molara
The natural scenery of this place is magnificent. This place provides enough privacy for its visitors. The big advantage of Park Punta Molarais a very good accessibility to the airport and harbour in Olbia

Coda Cavallo
This is a locality offering sufficient number of beaches and wonderful natural scenery. The town of San Toedoro is not far from Coda Cavallo. One can find here lots of interesting places. This town is certainly worth a visit.

We trust that you will choose from our offers the one that will be the most suitable for you. We look forward your visit. If you have any inquiry contact our e-mail or telephone number. Thank you for your interest.

Martin Klein

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